5 Best Foods I Ate – #1

The 5 best things I’ve eaten recently:


Albacore tuna sashimi with torched tomatoes over himalayan salt. Tomatoes + sashimi was an unexpected combination and a really, really good one. I had it at Elephant Sushi in San Francisco.


Woo Garden’s “Dusk” Blueberry jam. A co-worker gifted a jam set from Woo Garden to me and their “Dusk” flavor was definitely my favorite. Filled with chunky blueberries, this jam did not taste too sweet and just like dressed up blueberries. It’s a very small operation from what I can tell, but you can buy it here.


Rock shrimp on jicama taco from Lolo SF. Tacos are one of my top 3 favorite meals to eat (with sushi and a changing new thing being the two) and this place did not disappoint. I loved the crispy shrimp and the clever use of softened jiacama for the “shell”.


I love roasting the sweet mini bell papers that Trader Joe’s sells with a light, light coating of coconut oil. They look raw in this picture because they don’t have grill marks (when I’m feeling really hungry or in a time crunch I simply roast them in my microwave for 4 minutes). They’re a satisfying light sweet flavor, good for you, and fun to pop into your mouth.


It doesn’t look like much in this picture, but this Lamb kofta kebab was savory and juicy and the sort of meat that is worth waiting for. It’s probably a good thing that De Afghanan restaurant is very far from both my apartment and office.


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