5 Best Things I’ve Eaten – #3

Food is a huge part of my life. I get so much happiness from a delicious meal, and also strongly believe that delicious food can and should also be good for you. Luckily, I live in two of the best cities in the world for fresh, delicious, eclectic food: San Francisco and New York City. I find lots of inspiration in restaurant visits and by reading their menus, and try my hand at recipes, too. 



During my stay in Boston, I made some time for a dinner in a Persian restaurant, Lala Rokh. To end my meal I ordered this saffron ice cream that was subtle and fragrant and the perfect ending to a Persian meal.


San Francisco has an endless option of good sushi places, and I am so happy that I can explore them all over time. Domo Sushi has this melt-y slippery fresh tuna sashimi wrapped in watery cucumber that is so simple and so good. The taste of the cucumber goes so well with fresh tuna, which is really really light. My friends and I asked for another order, that’s how good it was.


I spent a few weeks in Southeast Asia in 2016 that introduced me to the glory that is kaya jam. Kaya is basically just sugar and egg and water, but with the twist of the kaya plant which gives it this taste that’s hard to describe unless you’ve had it before. The consistency is different than Western jams, as it’s smooth and almost paste-y. So good on warm bread…or on the tip of your finger straight out of the jar.


Maybe this should have been the very first photo in this entry because this is how I started all 4 of the mornings that I spent in Boston a few weeks ago when I was there for work. Tatte is a cafe chain based in Cambridge that holds a special place in my heart, and they’ve expanded since I left town. Lucky Bostonians.


Fish (cod) Taco @ Don Pisto’s! I know that this photo is awful: dim and forgettable, but the fish taco at Don Pisto’s is not. Though the taco falls apart very easily, which gives it a higher than desirable messy factor, the stuffing is delicious. The house spicy sauce has such a strong kick to it, too, that it helped me remember exactly where I was sitting and what I was looking at when I took my first bite. 

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      1. You should try satay. It is usually made of meat, mostly chicken, mutton and beef, but now they also have the vegetarian satay which is made of several types of mushrooms. You should also taste rendang.


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