Most Interesting Articles List – Week #1

I am an incessant reader. I am a non-discriminating reader: long-form, essays, infographic-format articles, books, poetry, I like it all. I collect words and ideas in my Evernote account and re-visit them often. Without words, there is little language and without a command of language, there is not much different between us and the other... Continue Reading →

5 Best Foods I Ate – #1

The 5 best things I've eaten recently: Albacore tuna sashimi with torched tomatoes over himalayan salt. Tomatoes + sashimi was an unexpected combination and a really, really good one. I had it at Elephant Sushi┬áin San Francisco. Woo Garden's "Dusk" Blueberry jam. A co-worker gifted a jam set from Woo Garden to me and their... Continue Reading →

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